“The Garden” from “George and Martha Encore” by James Marshall

Martha was so discouraged. Her garden was an ugly mess of weeds. “I just don’t seem to have a green thumb,” she sobbed.



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 Maurice Sendak on James Marshall and this story:

As I write this on a lovely spring afternoon and glimpse out the window the miracle of my old weeping cherry tree cascading pink blossoms, after having spent many happy hours studying and recollecting and missing James, I am reminded of a line, now full of new meaning, from ”The Last Story” in ”George and Martha Encore.” Out of love for Martha, and to ease her misery over her messy garden, George stuffs store-bought tulips into the ground. Martha catches him, and George is embarrassed. But Martha is moved. ‘‘Dear George,” she says. ”I would much rather have a friend like you than all the gardens in the world.”