“If I Wrote the Dictionary” Sunday, April 21, 2008 by Merl Reagle

This week, Merl took real words and gave them new definitions. Here they are (spoilers ahead):

affliction common to rodeo clowns: BRONCHITIS (“bronco+itis”)

school that teaches how to write commercials: ADVERSITY (“ad + university”)

able to bypass a key-based security device (said of burglars, escape artiststs, etc.) : CIRCUMLOCUTORY (“circum+lock+utory”)

tending to bump into the bed when hurrying in the dark : RAMBUNCTIOUS (my favorite of these!) (“ram+bunk+uous”)

slang — a dollar bill: BUCKAROO (I’m missing something — isn’t this already slang for a dollar?)

any large convalescent home: RESTITUTION (“rest institution”)

chairs, sofas, etc. that are hard to sit on : DISCOMFITURE (liked this one too) ( “discomfort furniture”)

afraid of being injected : HYPOALLERGENIC (as in “hypodermic allergy”)

to reverse the maturing process of wine or beer : DEFERMENT (as in “un-ferment”)

containing excessive compost: TUMULTUOUS (“too mulch-uous”)

New word of the day — SHAKO for a drum major’s hat.

I hope all my answers are correct. Please let me know if not.

Try the puzzle yourself at sundaycrosswords.com.