“Rewriting History” Merl Reagle’s Sunday Crossword, 4/13/08

Merl’s Sunday puzzles are always funny and clever (and not too terribly hard). You can download the puzzle each week here, at sundaycrosswords.com. I do them religiously and though they are often published with answers, it still might be fun to post the answers and make a few comments.

Here are the theme answers (one letter is changed in these historical references )

23A: “Historic cry with a kernel of truth to it?” REMEMBER THE MAIZE

31A & 40A: “Historic rules for subduing UFO occupants?” THE ALIEN AND SEDATION ACTS

49A: “Historic site with a sign that says, “The immigrants have left the building?ELVIS ISLAND

67A “Historic plan that was very cost effective?” THE LEND LEAST PROGRAM

84A “Historic shopping center that was the first to be called “a gold mine for investors?” SUTTERS MALL

91A “Historic sack left on a beach in Cuba?” BAG OF PIGS

99A/111A “Historic home remedies?” THE THIRTEEN ORIGINAL COLONICS

I’ll leave it at that.