Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for Toys

This is brilliant.  Someone has designed parts that let Lego, Tinkertoy, K’nex —  and other systems that I’ve never even heard of — talk to each other.

Best of all, the designs are free.  You can upload them to a 3d printer service (like and have them made.

Details and downloads here.


Tinker Toy Manual

We’ve been having a lot of fun with Tinkertoys lately. Leo got a set for his 4th birthday and it came at just the right time. Today I found an old “Direction and Idea Book” from 1959 (made by The Toy Tinkers, a Division of A.G. Spalding & Bros. Inc., Evanston, Illinois). The little drawings are hilarious. It tells you, in a humorous way, not to get them wet how you can fix them when they break.

I’ve got three different sets of instructions that I’m posting (each is four pages long — clicking on the images should give you a bigger-than-screensize image that you can build from).

I’ve just added PDFs for all these manuals.  If you enjoy them enough, why not  add a $1 or $2 to our “Tinkertoy Manual Fund” — we’ll post & scan new manuals as we find them!  Or maybe we’ll just buy an ice cream cone!

The full basic manual (and donation link) is below

The intermediate-level manual is here

and the advanced manual is here

(click on photos to link to larger images from the basic manual)

Vintage Tinkertoy Manual page 1Vintage Tinkertoy Manual page 2img_7137.jpg