Do It Yourself Photobooth

Who knew? You can turn your computer and camera into a photobooth with a little program called DLSR Remote.

There’s something nice about not being behind the camera and just living with whatever the results are, hat hair or no. Here’s a fun series with Leo and Nicky. A cool history of the photobooth and collections of photobooth shots can be found in this book — “Photobooth” by Babbette Hines.


Addendum:  In the end, I found the software too cumbersome to use, but I still made a photobooth, albeit one where the photos were printed later at home.

I used PVC pipe to make a 2.5×2.5×5 foot stall, two shower curtains, a shower curtain liner (for a white backdrop), one of those grip-anything camera mounts (to hang on to the pipe), and my Canon A95.

The camera was set for the 2-second self-timer and the flash exposure adjusted a bit because the subjects were so close.

People were instructed to take 4 self-timed photos, but much of the time, I sat on the outside of the curtain and pressed the button for them.  I used this at birthday parties and at a gallery opening and everyone had lots of fun.

Printing the photos: I took the camera card home and did it with the aid of a program called Thumbnailer.  A sample is below.