Amesbury Drive by the Autoneers

Autoneer (an automobile pioneer, I assume) wasn’t the only word I learned today.  The local chapter of the Horseless Carriage Club of America (HCCA), the Autoneers,  organized a drive from Byfield to Amesbury today to visit the sites of many of the original horseless carriage shops once located in Amesbury.

Cars were trailered in from as far as Connecticut and New York.  Here are some highlights.  These folks couldn’t have been nicer!

1909 Ford Model K

Leo had a thrilling ride in a 1909 Ford Model K — one of only 16 left in the world.  This one came from Harrah’s Auto Museum in Reno, NV, which I just happened to visit as a kid.

How many men does it take to start a Buick?

They eventually started this car by towing it.  That’s a lot of years of car experience there helping out!

This guy reminded me of  Toad from Wind in the Willows.

And this guy looked to be straight out of an Edward Gorey cartoon.

Ever heard of a Saxon?  This was probably the smallest (& cutest) car there.

Apperson jack rabbit symbol

This is the Apperson Jack Rabbit.

And here are all of the cars taking off —