Scanning and colorizing black and white negatives.

Here are the results of a quick attempt to scan large format negatives.

Scanning was done on a flatbed scanner (Canon MF4150 – it’s old!) at 600 dpi. I closed the lid and that worked just fine for most negatives. Only the really dark negatives (underexposed) had a problem with this method.

I used a photo editor ( to “invert” the black and white negative image into the image below.

Then, I used DeOldify to colorize the photos. A quick video on how to use this tool is here. (For a first attempt, I used the Remini app on my phone and that worked well, too.)

A few tricks with DeOldify – the image must live somewhere on the web – you need to point to a URL to process an image. After pasting in the URL, I went to Runtime/Run all. Then scroll down on the page to see the results. You can right-click and save the image to your hard drive as a .png file.

Move the slider below to see the colorization.

More postcards from the McCready family of Schuyler, NE

These cards are from Margaret McCready Hespen (1894-1971) and her mother Ellen (Ella) Butler McCready (1863-1950).



(from your Margaret, aged 16 or so, to her cousin Leo, who was sick, age 13)
To Mr. Leo Newell, Virginia, Ill
Dear Little Cousin
How are you getting along?  I am fine
So are the rest of the folks.  Had a nice little rain Sunday
but a terrible wind storm broke off a great deal of the corn.
Papa is going to cut wheat tomorrow.  I guess you have your
wheat cut now?  How is Marjorie & Bernard & Ralph?
Ma’s incubator will hatch Saturday.  Mama will write to your mother
to tell her how it turns out.  So good bye write soon.  Margaret McCready xxxxxxxxx
To Mr. Leo Newell, Virginia, ILL
Schuyler Neb July 14th 1911
Dear Nephew
Are you well and strong again?  I hope
you are.  We are all well .  It is still dry
here.  had only one good rain since
May.  Wheat is a good crop here this year but
oats are short and light, late corn
looks good, early corn was hurt by the drought.  Love to all
Aunt Ella
(will write to Mamma soon)
To Mrs. James Newell , Virginia, Ill
Schuyler, Neb
May 1
Dear Sister,  How is Leo by this time? Hope
he will be well and strong again soon.  We are all
well at present.  Had a bad freeze up last
night and quite a snow with it. I guess
the fruit is gone again.  We are done plowing
and ready to start planting as soon as the weather
is nice again.  Take good care of Leo.  Don’t let
him take cold.  Love to all  Sister Ella

And these cards are from another daughter of Ella, Alice McCready Whitt (1896-1989). img_9576img_9575

Monroe Family of Bridgeport, WA circa 1926

This photo came to me from Greg Witt, son of Doris Slade Witt (the blondie, third from left, front row).  Doris’s mom was Nell Monroe Slade (third from right, back row, with the bow on her dress) and her dad was Stanley Slade (third man from right, middle row, just in front of Nell).  monroe_family_photosetting

These are the names on the back of the photo.  The first row is listed right to left.  Some people are missing or  mislabeled – happy to get some help in the comments!  monroe_photo_back

Coffee on the Western Front?

Can anyone help me read the middle line?

Werner Fehlhaber

????? ?????

1 Mai 1915

Jan. 5, 2021 – Postscript – my cousin Sabine translated it as “Swinemünde.” Wikipedia says that a field artillery battalion was based there.  So it’s really “Coffee on the Baltic Sea.”  More research needed.  There is an old fort there, but he was probably at some training grounds.  Werner’s regiment was Fussartillerie Regiment 20, 1B (1st battalion), which was part of the 45th Reserve Division and which drew from Pommern/Pomerania.  More information on that on p. 464 of “Histories of  two hundred and fifty-one Divisions of the German Army which participated in the war (1914-1918).”