More postcards from the McCready family of Schuyler, NE

These cards are from Margaret McCready Hespen (1894-1971) and her mother Ellen (Ella) Butler McCready (1863-1950). (from your Margaret, aged 16 or so, to her cousin Leo, who was sick, age 13) To Mr. Leo Newell, Virginia, Ill Dear Little Cousin How are you getting along?  I am fine So are the rest of the … Continue reading “More postcards from the McCready family of Schuyler, NE”

Gustav James Fehlhaber, 1930-2008

Sophie, Leo and I just got back from a week in California with my dad. He died yesterday while we were still there. Leo has lots of great memories of him from his 11 trips to California. Instead of something new, here are some old posts about my dad. We will all miss him a … Continue reading “Gustav James Fehlhaber, 1930-2008”