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May 26, 2012

Baking in Vermont

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Another great class at King Arthur Flour.  “Baking Bread in Wood Fired Ovens” by Richard Miscovich.  We made pizza on Friday night and on Saturday made pitas, two types of levain (sourdough) , and ciabatta.  Here are a few photos.

This was the first real baking to happen in this oven, a William Davenport creation.

We were told about a Quebec-style community oven in Norwich, so after class, we went to go check it out.  Looks like a great set-up.

Back at class on Saturday —

Louie shows off a massive pita

Richard demonstrates how to get the peels ready for fast loading.  The oven held 15+ loaves.

We did some baking in the fancy Matador Deck Ovens as well —

Checking the crumb on the various loaves.

May 17, 2012

A Glorious Afternoon

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After Leo’s piano lesson, we decided to explore a  road heading out toward the water in Essex.  It ended up going to Cogswell’s Grant.  We walked around the house, peeked in the barn, and walked up a road leading to an old abandoned truck (an International Loadstar 1600 – no souvenirs were taken!).   Then we headed to the Clam Box for dinner and puzzled over the sign in the outdoor dining area.

Introducing Leo to Pinball

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Just stumbled across this.  I’m showing seven-month-old Leo the ins and outs of our Bally “Surfers” pinball machine.

May 10, 2012

Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for Toys

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This is brilliant.  Someone has designed parts that let Lego, Tinkertoy, K’nex —  and other systems that I’ve never even heard of — talk to each other.

Best of all, the designs are free.  You can upload them to a 3d printer service (like and have them made.

Details and downloads here.