Shed Moving

I once mentioned to our friend Peter that I wanted to move our shed and he said, “No problem”.  I asked him how he’d do it and he said, “I’m not sure, but that’s the interesting part.”  Well, with a jack, lots of wood blocks, a trailer, and some amazing driving skills, he did it!

While Peter jacked up the shed higher and higher, the kids played school.

Even Jupiter learned a word!

Pete asked me to take this picture — he liked how precarious it looked.  By the way, it made it to its new location just fine.

The kids finding treasures where the shed used to sit.

And here’s the shed in its new spot, looking quite at home there.

One thought on “Shed Moving”

  1. Love these!!! tells such a great story. I love how Peter is not afraid to let the kids really help… xo

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