Lawn Sledding

I just discovered the books of Eric Sloane.  I first noticed him because of his pen & ink illustrations in his weather book.  Then I discovered that he’d written about almost every aspect of old-time American life.

In “Diary of an Early American Boy”, I learned that in the 1600s and 1700s, there were no wheelbarrows here in America.   They used sleds instead.  Which gave me the idea of using a sled behind the garden tractor.  It’s kind of a DIY trailer and works great on grass.  So far, I’ve hauled trees, brush, and lots and lots of rocks (from the former site of the shed).  After one such trip, Leo decided he needed a ride in the empty sled and Lawn Sledding was invented.

Here are neighbors Freddy & Sammy over for a ride.  Freddy was having a 5pm grump, but the offer of a sled ride cheered him right up!

Ooops, guess we lost one!

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