The Girls Move Out

The chickens have moved out into their coop.  Leo and I drove to NH Sunday to bring home the cutest little coop, made just for us.  Made by Gene Frennette of Salisbury, NH, it’s a smart little design and the girls seem to like it.

Leo checking out the coop and Gene fastening it down.

The inspiration for the coop was Gene’s self-built barn.

Here it is at home.  A heat lamp is plugged in to keep them warm.

Four chickens crowded in the doorway

Making their way back up the ramp.  See the training wheels I added to the coop?

4 thoughts on “The Girls Move Out”

  1. Neat. Are they laying yet? I was glad to see tha the weird NE tornadoes were nowhere near your part of the state. Having lived through April 27th down here when the storms that leveled Tuscaloosa and Smithville, MS were both within 10 miles of my house before swerving to the Southeast and Northwest respectively. Why does the bad stuff always happen around my birthday? I still remember being 22 and getting irradiated from Chernobyl while in York a quarter century ago . . .

    1. They won’t lay until the fall and then we hear they’ll take the winter off, but at least they are very entertaining little creatures. The storms missed us by a ways, but really tore through a few towns. Stay cool!

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