The Girls Move Out

The chickens have moved out into their coop.  Leo and I drove to NH Sunday to bring home the cutest little coop, made just for us.  Made by Gene Frennette of Salisbury, NH, it’s a smart little design and the girls seem to like it.

Leo checking out the coop and Gene fastening it down.

The inspiration for the coop was Gene’s self-built barn.

Here it is at home.  A heat lamp is plugged in to keep them warm.

Four chickens crowded in the doorway

Making their way back up the ramp.  See the training wheels I added to the coop?

Baby Chicks, Week by Week

We’ve had the chicks just over a month and they’ve changed from cute little fluffballs to real chickens.  These are Rhode Island Reds, purchased at the Danvers Agway.

Here are some photos.

Getting a drink of water.  The stones are in the water dish so they don’t fall in and drown!

Standing on the window sill — look at those feathers!  The chick that is second to right was been late to feather out. We call that one Chick Pea.  Based on a couple of indicator, she “might” be a he!


Leo and I improvised a hanging feeder.  We’re trying to give them a little culture at the same time.

Out in the grass for the first time!

This is how we move them in and out — through the window.

Lidia with chicks.  She has chickens at home — she’s a pro!

Leo and Chick Pea, our late-feathering friend.

Eating some grit & oats.