Biggest Cadbury Bar ever!

Well, it’s the biggest we’ve ever seen.  Nigel and Vera brought this home from England for Leo.  He promptly put two small padlocks on its cardboard case, which is why he still has over half the bar, two weeks later.


And here is Little Pip, weighing in at about 43 grams.  (Two weeks later, she weighs 140g!).

And finally, here is one happy boy, back from a walk in the woods.  Look what he found!  Part of the grille of an old junked car (1950s?) that we like to visit.  I feel pretty certain that slowly, piece by piece, the entire car will be moved to our house.

(The only clue as to the make/model of this car is that on the dashboard, the heating system has “Summer” and “Winter” printed as settings above one of the levers.  Ring a bell, anyone?)

Our baby chicks!

We got our baby chicks yesterday, March 31!  I guess the tradtional date for chicks around here is April 1, but we were excited to get them a day early.  We bought them at the Danvers Agway — we got four Rhode Island Red pullets (that means girl chickens — I’m learning a lot these days).

How they box them up.
Leo outside the Feed Store.
The home office set-up.
Leo and one of the cuties!