Vintage St. Patrick’s Day Post Cards

I was curious about the imagery used one hundred years ago.  Out of 17 different card designs, no leprechauns!  Harps appear on 5 cards; white smoking pipes, scenery (esp. castles) and poems all appear on 7 cards, and shamrocks appear on all 17 cards.  Enjoy!

From the Leo A. Newell collection,  1909-1912.  From Sent from Ashland and Pleasant Plains, Illinois by Alma Newell, Bertha Newell, Uncle Tom (Butler), Aunt Mollie (Mary Butler Doolin), and Bertie (Alberta) Newell.




2 thoughts on “Vintage St. Patrick’s Day Post Cards”

  1. Looks like the butt end of a key maybe he had found the pot of gold !!! ?? Did i see a date on one of the cards 3-17-11 NOT THIS YEAR !!!

  2. That’s right, Mary — 100 years ago exactly! My great uncle, whose cards these were, was born on March 16, so I think that’s why he got so many St. Patrick’s Day cards. A key, eh?

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