Indian Market Diorama at PEM comes to life

I have always loved this Indian market scene,  at the back of the upstairs Indian gallery at the Peabody Essex.  There is always something new to see — the dwarf, the fish seller — but our favorites have always been the monkeys.  They are up on the roof, eating things they have stolen.

Here is my nephew Liam, looking at the market for the first time this fall.

Little did I know that those monkeys are still busy at work, stealing food from market sellers.  Thanks to BBC’s HumanPlanet show, we saw this clip of the monkeys busy stealing.

More clips from this amazing series can be seen here.

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Postcards

Happy Lincoln’s Birthday (Feb. 12) and Washington’s Birthday (Feb. 22).  Two more from the Newell collection.

Image of Lincoln walking behind the U.S. Navy and ahead of the newly emancipated: “With Malice towards none, with charity for all”.  President Lincoln’s entry into Richmond – April 4th, 1865.

Sent to Master Leo Newell, Virginia Ill.  “From Thomas J. Butler”

George Washington, sword drawn, on a white horse: “First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen”

Sent to Mr. Leo Newell, Virginia, Ill.  “From your friend, Robert Farmer.”