Santa’s Visit, 2010

The Erie 4 Fire Department once again stopped by our house this year with Santa in tow.  He was warmly greeted by Leo in the driveway, who acted as if he was meeting a dignitary and went out to shake hands.  But Santa wanted a bear hug!

He gave Finn and Leo a hug and then came inside (Freddy and Sammy, our neighbors, can be seen bringing up the rear).

Finn is describing the electric guitar he wants for Christmas!  Love the teacup in his hand.

Leo was very happy to get his present !  (Photo by Stephanie Godley Murphy — thanks Steffers!)

Leo ran and got last year’s gift from Santa.  “This is what you made me last year.”  “Oh no.  I didn’t make this.  I can tell — this was made by Elf Number. 6”.  (Santa is quick!)

Freddy and Sammy get their presents.  So brave!

Group photo in front of the fire truck.  The able fireman had to help push Santa back into the truck while he Ho-Ho-Ho’d.

Donncha did not want anything to do with Santa  — maybe next year?

Of course, Jupey had to join in.  Thank you Erie 4!  The nation’s oldest privately owned fire company!

2 thoughts on “Santa’s Visit, 2010”

  1. Fabulous as always – Donncha talked non-stop all night about Santa on the fire truck. If you hadn’t been there, you would have thought he had a blast (and not that he had cried the whole time!)

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