Musical “Happy Birthday” cake stand

Does anybody remember Friedlander & Sons?  It was one of those store names from my childhood (along with Gumps and City of Paris), spoken of in such revered tones that the name alone felt magical.  I’m not sure I ever stepped inside more than once or twice — that would have been in the Everett branch.

This cake platter, in its original Friedlander & Sons box,  has a music box inside it that plays “Happy Birthday”.  Here’s a recording of it  (the clicking sounds come from winding it up) —
Happybirthday at MySpaceFileHosting.comHappybirthday.mp3

Christmas 2010

Looks like we got an extra nutcracker on Christmas morning!

Finally we can stop getting these from the library.  These Ed Emberly books are great.

Jupey enjoying his holiday loot,  before or after he stole my Cadbury bar.  I think the theft was payback for this humiliation.

Taking hot oatmeal to Alibi on Christmas morning.

Donncha looking his cutest!

Must find my photo of Leo in this outfit!

Four Men in a Boat




Christmas Eve

Leo all ready for Finn’s debut as a Christmas angel.

Sophie and Donncha in the pews.  Is that Angry Birds they are playing???

Leo and Finny after the pageant.

Cousin love

Mary holding Donncha who is being tickled by Auntie Karen, just in from  Ohio.

Finny, back from a brief visit to the ER, about to say “awesome” a million times after opening his Playmobil police station.

Santa’s Visit, 2010

The Erie 4 Fire Department once again stopped by our house this year with Santa in tow.  He was warmly greeted by Leo in the driveway, who acted as if he was meeting a dignitary and went out to shake hands.  But Santa wanted a bear hug!

He gave Finn and Leo a hug and then came inside (Freddy and Sammy, our neighbors, can be seen bringing up the rear).

Finn is describing the electric guitar he wants for Christmas!  Love the teacup in his hand.

Leo was very happy to get his present !  (Photo by Stephanie Godley Murphy — thanks Steffers!)

Leo ran and got last year’s gift from Santa.  “This is what you made me last year.”  “Oh no.  I didn’t make this.  I can tell — this was made by Elf Number. 6”.  (Santa is quick!)

Freddy and Sammy get their presents.  So brave!

Group photo in front of the fire truck.  The able fireman had to help push Santa back into the truck while he Ho-Ho-Ho’d.

Donncha did not want anything to do with Santa  — maybe next year?

Of course, Jupey had to join in.  Thank you Erie 4!  The nation’s oldest privately owned fire company!

Our Christmas Tree Adventure

Ever since last year’s tree, which was only 12 feet tall, Sophie has been talking about getting a bigger one.  Then, today, we got a call from our neighbor Kara saying that Ingraham’s, our local tree farm  (on our street, no less), would be closed after tomorrow.

So Leo and Sophie quickly got out the tape measure.

Then we headed up the road and started measuring.

This one was too spindly.

This one was too short.

And this one was just right!  At 14.5 feet, a new personal best!  (Looks like the tree pruners haven’t been able to reach the top of this one for a year or two!)

The tree came down quickly.  Jupiter was very helpful.

Good thing we didn’t have to drive far!

The lights are on! Just don’t turn on the ceiling fan!