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September 15, 2010

Cloam Ovens

Filed under: bread — fehlhaber @ 10:11 am

It seems like the clay oven I built is a lot like the cloam (or clome) ovens from Devon and Cornwall that were brought here (or made here?) by early American colonists.  They were probably used at Plymouth and they have found one at Jamestown.

Here is a neat video of baking in one  in Jamestown– this is very much what my oven is like.

Cloam oven baking

Also, this article describes how they were made (with coils of clay, not spun on a wheel) and describe the attractive crows’ foot marking seen on the Jamestown oven.

And here’s a new word — that wet rag on the end of a stick I’ve been using to clean the oven floor?  It’s called a malkin (also slang for an untidy woman!)

Does anyone have instructions on how cloam ovens were built??  Anyone building this design today?

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