The Busy Bee Theater Production of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”

The perfect play for two girls (Violette and Sabine) who have a lot of friends.  And the perfect play for Finn, who got to be king and put his ermine crown to good use (we gave it to Finn for his birthday six months ago).

Donncha in his cape and crown, which he promptly removed

The stage

Finn with his props assistant

The King and I!

One third of the Princesses!

King Finn!

The mighty Sam!

The royal puppy dog!

And last but not least, King Finn practicing his lines

Sandy Point today

Click below to see the full panorama — or scroll along the bottom .

The day began with a hole in the sand and someone’s old fort

We dug out the hole, laid logs across the top, and had a shelter pretty quickly.

Leo, quite pleased with our efforts!

Aida and Leo, just messing about (and going after the seagulls)

Leo Swimming!

And even more fun was had when we joined the DeWeese-Boyd clan.  A great day!