“Mad Men”-Era Sewing Box

I pulled out my mother’s sewing box today.  It’s like a time capsule back to the 1950s through 1970s — not much has been added or taken away since then.  Among all the items, I found a few gems (and some wonderful colors).

My dad worked in sales for York Refrigeration from 1961 (or so) to the early 70s.   I bet he was supposed to hand this to a secretary while making a sales visit.


“Sew easy to do — so glamorous for you!”

Ogunquit Beach Day

We had a perfect day on the beach — warm water, low tide, and lot of fun.

Violette faces a big wave

Sabine looking like Veronica Lake

Jeremy tries hard to stand on his boogie board

Ooops — he fell in

Nancy and Leo show off their technique in our beach skee ball.  Leo cleverly added a tunnel so that when the ball drops in the hole, it exits behind the target.

And this is for Auntie Brenda — we think she’ll like the name of this shop — Brenda’s Bloomers.

Vermont 2010

Another great week in Vermont this year.  Here are some highlights:

Leo and Audrey finishing a puzzle, all on their own (it was a Charley Harper puzzle, my choice — I love him!)

Three smiles atop Mt. Philo.  The Lifesaver trees were in bloom this year — we were so lucky to find some along the road on the way down.

Leo and Audrey pose for their annual shot (they’ve changed a little over the years )

We loved the clay art by John Brickels, on view at the Shelburne Museum

And I loved all the alliteration on this poster.

We had a great visit with Sophie’s old friend Jessamyn.  The last time she saw Leo, he probably didn’t talk much.  This time, he’s showing her his sketchbook from London and Paris (but all she can see is mittens everywhere!)

Beautiful Jupey on the beach.

Artist hard at work, sketching the Ticonderoga

Our annual visit with the Stevens kids (only Sophie and Ben this year — Thomas was playing baseball)

Sunset over Otter Creek gave way to a terrific storm (knocked down a tree near the cottage)

Our Dog Nicky, 1995-2010, RIP

This is one of Sophie’s favorite photos of Leo and Nicky.  We had to put her down today, but we gave her one last really good day.

Leo, having a last rest on his “pillow with eyes”.

A cake for Nicky, with her age and initial (made out of pizza) on the top.

Goodbye sweet girl!  Thanks to New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue for placing Nicky with us — we’re so lucky we got eight great years with her.