Battle Road, Hartwell Tavern 2010

Words cannot begin to describe how much I loved this.  I don’t want to become a war re-enactor — I want to become a groupie.  They are perfect to photograph, all of them putting on a show.  And sulfurous smell of black powder is just what this wet spring morning needed.  But boy, like with any national park, there are a lot of rules!

I love this photo.  I don’t know whether all those sparks are a malfunction, but it seems like a lot!

Leo getting in on the action.

This guy was great at explaining how the muskets worked.  Here he’s showing off his hand-carved tompion (to keep water & dirt out of the barrel).

Waiting for the battle

Grandma Vera didn’t dare let her English accent be heard!

Redcoats reloading

The fog of war.  I couldn’t believe how many reenactors there were!

This guy who played Col. Smith was terrific — he liked to glare and point at people.

On their way to the Bloody Angle.

3 thoughts on “Battle Road, Hartwell Tavern 2010”

  1. This does not seem very ‘Waldorfian’ but looks like lots of fun! After seeing the picture of Grandma, Liam was convinced that the man on the horse was Grandad!

  2. Standing in the rain for three hours watching people do things (even war) the old fashioned way is VERY Waldorfy. Too funny about the Granddad mistake — good think Liam is coming soon!

    1. That’s funny! Yes I think Liam needs a Grandad Refresher Course!
      I’m going to a Waldorf conference next weekend – looking forward to it! Plan to sign Liam up for the Parent and Tot pre-school next year.

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