Congratulations Paul Harding of Georgetown, MA!

West Main Street in Georgetown is the hot place for literary stars to live!

Paul Harding just won the 2010 Pulitzer for Fiction.  There aren’t many claims to fame here in Georgetown, but he’s now one of them.  Oddly enough, John Updike also used to live West Main in Georgetown, just a few blocks away.

That anyone could write on West Main St. (aka Rt. 97, which we also live on) amazed Joyce Carol Oates, who wrote in her diary,

July 22, 1976

[ … ] Next morning drove to Georgetown, Mass., to have lunch with John Updike and his new wife/companion, Martha Bernhardt, one of the most pleasant visits we’ve ever had with anyone. Georgetown is a charming little town not far from Ipswich, where John’s and Martha’s former spouses apparently live, but their old, attractive home is situated right on the main street, and trucks pass by constantly, so that one can hardly hear what’s being said and the whole house trembles …. With all Updike’s money, and his and Martha’s good sense, how has it come about that they’ve bought a house in such a location? Updike’s working space is large and airy, though, and at the rear of the house, so perhaps the trucks won’t bother him. I’d go mad in such a small town myself but he seems to thrive upon that kind of near-seclusion. (With a family around him: Martha’s three boys. He’s like a character in an Updike story.) (more here)

John Updike and Joyce Carol Oates

Congratulations, Paul!

P.S.  It took them a few days, maybe because Mr. Harding doesn’t have a big press doing PR for him, but the Boston Globe ran a nice article yesterday and even an op-ed today.

P.P.S.  And a nice interview here on PBS

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