Vintage Easter Post Cards

Here are some Easter Greetings from 100 years ago.  There is some beautiful detail in them.

Enjoy & Happy Easter

Three cards with chicks fighting over worms

Easter Chicks fighting over worms

Three cards with pussy willows

three Easter post cards with pussy willows

Three Easter post cards with children

Easter post cards with cute kid

Easter post cards with bunnies — 100 years ago, Easter chicks far outnumbered Easter bunnies!

Vintage Post Cards with Easter Bunnies

4 thoughts on “Vintage Easter Post Cards”

  1. These are beautiful. And very interesting that they are NOT religious (we hear so much in Canada about Easter ‘losing’ its religious meaning over time).

  2. I think the card are lovely. I did find the one with the children dressed as chicks to be a little unsettling. The attention to small details is wonderful.

  3. WoW! Where did you find these? They are amazing. Some are kind of scary – using a hatchet to crack open the egg and one seemingly deceased chicklet! Love your blog!

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