Joëlle Jolivet comes to Boston

Leo and I went in to Boston today to meet one of our favorite illustrators, Joëlle Jolivet.  She is on a book tour promoting her latest book, “Oops“, starring the family that appeared in “365 Penguins“.

The illustrator drawing a knight in Leo’s copy of “Almost Everything“.  He thought it was pretty cool!

Showing off the “night” side of “Panorama“.  We brought along four of her books and she had Leo get the bag of them and showed them to all the kids.

Showing a page from “Zoo-ology

Reading from “Oops” — the kids kept creeping closer and closer.

Higgins Armory, Worcester MA

A great day was had by all, but especially by Finn and Leo, who love knights right now.

Entering the steel and glass 1931 structure.  Some nice background on the museum here.

You get the idea — big room, big armor, entralled boys.

I find this really rather frightening!

At five and six years of age, it’s still really fun to dress up and run around a room.

This room doesn’t seem to fit, but it’s a lot of fun.  All sorts of mythical creatures are on display and the guide talks of them as if they are real.

Leo came home reciting the whole Daedelus and Icarus myth, as related to him by Professor Rufus Excalibur Bell.  Pretty cool!

Battle Road, Hartwell Tavern 2010

Words cannot begin to describe how much I loved this.  I don’t want to become a war re-enactor — I want to become a groupie.  They are perfect to photograph, all of them putting on a show.  And sulfurous smell of black powder is just what this wet spring morning needed.  But boy, like with any national park, there are a lot of rules!

I love this photo.  I don’t know whether all those sparks are a malfunction, but it seems like a lot!

Leo getting in on the action.

This guy was great at explaining how the muskets worked.  Here he’s showing off his hand-carved tompion (to keep water & dirt out of the barrel).

Waiting for the battle

Grandma Vera didn’t dare let her English accent be heard!

Redcoats reloading

The fog of war.  I couldn’t believe how many reenactors there were!

This guy who played Col. Smith was terrific — he liked to glare and point at people.

On their way to the Bloody Angle.

Congratulations Paul Harding of Georgetown, MA!

West Main Street in Georgetown is the hot place for literary stars to live!

Paul Harding just won the 2010 Pulitzer for Fiction.  There aren’t many claims to fame here in Georgetown, but he’s now one of them.  Oddly enough, John Updike also used to live West Main in Georgetown, just a few blocks away.

That anyone could write on West Main St. (aka Rt. 97, which we also live on) amazed Joyce Carol Oates, who wrote in her diary,

July 22, 1976

[ … ] Next morning drove to Georgetown, Mass., to have lunch with John Updike and his new wife/companion, Martha Bernhardt, one of the most pleasant visits we’ve ever had with anyone. Georgetown is a charming little town not far from Ipswich, where John’s and Martha’s former spouses apparently live, but their old, attractive home is situated right on the main street, and trucks pass by constantly, so that one can hardly hear what’s being said and the whole house trembles …. With all Updike’s money, and his and Martha’s good sense, how has it come about that they’ve bought a house in such a location? Updike’s working space is large and airy, though, and at the rear of the house, so perhaps the trucks won’t bother him. I’d go mad in such a small town myself but he seems to thrive upon that kind of near-seclusion. (With a family around him: Martha’s three boys. He’s like a character in an Updike story.) (more here)

John Updike and Joyce Carol Oates

Congratulations, Paul!

P.S.  It took them a few days, maybe because Mr. Harding doesn’t have a big press doing PR for him, but the Boston Globe ran a nice article yesterday and even an op-ed today.

P.P.S.  And a nice interview here on PBS