New Quilt

My cousin T. Patrick Mullen (aka “Pat”) took up quilting a few years ago, after retiring from being a college professor. He’s been working on this quilt for us for a long time and we just got it in the mail yesterday and it’s beautiful!!  He chose 1930s reproduction fabrics to commemorate fun times with my mom (they played together as kids, a lot in Puget Sound and Lake Chelan, which is why there are so many beach & water patterns, I think).  It’s a beautiful piece of art!  Thank you Pat!

Get off, Pickles!!

“More dread”

(That’s what little Henry used to call bread, which I would bring to him when I babysat. That was ten years ago. I’m sensing a theme here!)

Seeded Fougasse, a shameless rip-off of the one made by A&J King Bakery in Salem, MA.

Ciabatta rolls, made from the same dough as the fougasse.  The ciabatta recipe came from “BakeWise” and is an adapted version of Carol Field’s recipe in “The Italian Baker”.

Name that movie!

Donncha, the sneak thief, stealing a roll!

My best taste tester!

My first ciabatta came out nicely.  So did my nephew.

Isn’t it funny how people sometimes begin to look like the bread they eat?