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February 14, 2010

My funny Valentine

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This is sprouted wheat bread with sunflower seeds, recipe from the Boston Globe, adapted from Peter Reinhart’s “Whole Grain Breads”.  It tastes a lot like a German Vollkornbrot.  Yum!

February 12, 2010

Knight Bread

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Sick kid + bored mom = Knight Bread.

When baked, it reminded me of  some of the knights’ sarcophagi in Westminster Abbey.

(made from the Light Whole Wheat recipe from “Bread Baker’s Apprentice”)

Recent baking

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I’ve been trying to follow along with others who are baking everything out of the book “Bread Baker’s Apprentice”.  Here are a few of the recent recipes I’ve done.

Kaiser Rolls, folded by hand as shown in this video

Lavash crackers — easy to make, too easy to eat!

Light Whole Wheat Bread