Another baguette recipe

This one came from “Baking with Julia”.  It’s by Steve Sullivan of Acme Bread.  It’s called a “Mixed Starter Dough”.  You start with a little piece of fully risen dough, add flour and water, let it rise, repeat, repeat, repeat and 24 hours later, you have amazing bread.  Maybe the best tasting recipe so far.   Yum!  If you want to try, recipe and directions are here.

“Snow-bound” at the John Greenleaf Whittier Homestead, Haverhill MA

We went to the “Snow-bound” event at the Whittier Homestead on Sunday.  Enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage ride (courtesy of Kimball Farm), met the sheep and cows, and were offered a beautiful 1952 Farmall tractor for a pittance.

The main event was hearing a retelling of the narrative poem “Snow-bound” while sitting in front of the fireplace that is described in it.  A very neat experience, thoroughly enjoyed by Leo and Finn.

An old Quaker tells us, “Wipe thy boots!”

The actors played their parts while the poem was read.

Sophie with Finn and Leo outside the front door of the John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace

Audrey’s visit

Finally catching up here with some photos here from Ted & Audrey’s recent visit.

Audrey and Leo throwing rocks onto the ice floating down the Merrimac River in Newburyport.

Leo, Uncle Ted, and Audrey stand beside the Atlantic on a chilly day.  Plum Island, MA.

Audrey and Sophie practice their ice skating moves.  Vancouver, here they come!

Leo and Ted launch the rocket Leo got for Christmas at the soccer fields on Bare Hill Road, Topsfield, MA

Audrey about to send a Brio girl into space!

Hanging out at home

Best birthday party ever!  New Year’s Eve with Audrey & Ted.