Life with Leo

December 31, 2009

Stage Neck Inn for the Under-Eights

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Yes, once again we took over the Stage Neck Inn in York Harbor, ME.

James & Meadow, Sabine and ???

Ted lets Henry play with his shoelaces

Working on a puzzle while waiting for dinner — Dane, Violette, Ben, Django, Leo

Dane found the dinner table conversation a little boring and took a nap!

Breakfast buffet

Question:  What are all the kids looking at?

Answer:  Audrey!

Al Montello getting his hair eaten by grandson Henry

James and Violette

Ben and Django

Birthday Boy Ben shows off his bubble beard!

December 30, 2009

2009 Farewell to Sam the Cat

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We had to say goodbye to Sam the cat earlier this year.  I just came across this photo, which I called “The Eternal Chase”.  Sam can be glad that no one is chasing him now.

Bathing Suit in Style Again, Five Years Later

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Leo’s old suit, one of my favorite items, got some new use by baby Henry.  Below is Leo at 8 months and Henry at almost 7 months.  Cute!

December 24, 2009

Weekend Snowstorm

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It was cold, it was snowy, and blow blow blowy.  Some photos from our big snow on Sunday, Dec. 20.

We found out what the porch does in a blowing snowstorm — it gets snowy!

Happy Anniversary, Jupiter!  We picked him up exactly one year ago today!  And it was snowing then, too.

We love these old decorations and they look even better in the snow.

Our new home in the snow.

The snowplow action by our house couldn’t be beat!  This is a Paystar 5000 “Snow Miser”.  I figure we better learn about snowplow models.

The view from our kitchen window — this is the Lovering House, built around 1800.

Leo emerging from his snow tunnel.

Jupiter and Nicky get in the spirit, too!

December 19, 2009

Winter Food

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Our winter food share from Green Meadows Farm is giving us lots and lots of yummy vegetables — we can’t even keep up (anyone need cabbage???).  Below are potatoes, yams, and turnips  for “Young Turnip and Sweet Potato Soup” (recipe here) from Chez Panisse Vegetables.  Grandma Vera and Leo gave it two thumbs up!

December 15, 2009

Chocolate Batons for Donncha

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Donncha got to try Finny’s favorite chocolate batons today.  He liked the pastry, but was unsure of the chocolate.  He spat it out, but seems to be pondering his decision in the last shot.  No problem — Finn and Leo finished it for him!