All around Maine

Well, hardly, but we took a short drive today to find a boat ramp (so Jupey could practice swimming) and see the sights.  Here they are:


Driving through Mount Vernon, ME, Leo spotted this old mill.  And it’s for sale.  Nigel, do you need another project?  The number on the FOR SALE sign is 485-5398.


This place looks yummy.  We didn’t eat at the Post Office Cafe, but I got some nice coffee there.


Revealing my geology geek past, I took a photo of a benchmark.


Nice road sign in Vienna, Maine.  Went to a cool shop there — Barb’s Handpainted Slates, Saws & Collectibles.  She  paints on saw blades and lots of other things.  Leo picked out a bell with a hummingbird on it.


Finally, we picked Vera and Nigel’s blueberries and made some jam (Vera — we’ll leave it in the fridge!  Bread is in the freezer).


Bonus Vermont Visit

We got to go back to our favorite spot in Vermont for a quick visit with Leo’s cousin Audrey, whose time there didn’t overlap with ours this year.   Here are a few photos


Playing Pictionary with Aunty Katy


Audrey throwing the ball for Jupey


Leo running back after helping Jupey find the ball


Jupey’s fear of the water pays off — he loved riding in the canoe (and didn’t try to jump in!)


The kidlets at Pizza on Earth — best Vermont pizza ever!  (Katy — they look so happy….)