Roosevelt Elementary School 1976 Yearbook

Thanks go to Erica Burton for digitizing this blast from the past.  Everyone we talk to has  really warm memories of Roosevelt Elementary School in Burlingame, CA.  It was named after Teddy, not FDR — a civics lesson we learned in Kindergarten.  For more about the school, there’s a group on Facebook you can join.

Anyone who knows me knows that I still love birds — thank you Mrs. Jones!


Click here for the complete Roosevelt 1976 yearbook pdf

4 thoughts on “Roosevelt Elementary School 1976 Yearbook”

  1. Hi Kristen –

    I’m not sure if you remember me.

    I happened upon the Roosevelt 75-76 yearbook in a search. AMAZING! Many thanks to you for putting it here. I will post a link to it on my facebook page since there’s a few from Roosevelt on there.

    All of the other photos I’ve seen on your page are great. Hope life is good for you!

    Take care,

    1. Hi Shireen! Of course I remember you. I saw your sister on Facebook and was wondering where you were. I’ll try finding you on Facebook and we can catch up there. Glad you enjoyed the yearbook — it was Erica Burton who scanned it for us. Take care, Kristen

  2. I stumbled upon this with my daughter and I wanted to say hi to everyone and apologize for being such a punk in elementary school! These brought back so many memories, hope you are all doing well.
    – Steve Paganucci (aka Pag)

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