Lemons and Peppermint Sticks – Recipe for Fun!

  • Get a lemon & cut a conical hole in the top
  • Get a FAT peppermint stick (sometimes hard to find — these are JoyBrite for 99 cents, 10 inches long, 3/4 inch diameter — found at Walgreens)
  • Trim the ends of the peppermint stick and then cut into 3 or 4 pieces.  These will be your straws.  You can see little holes in the peppermint stick — this is important!
  • Put candy cane into lemon and start sucking!  The flow may be slow at first, but bigger holes will develop.  If nothing happens, trim the end a little more.  Have fun!


Pez, Christmas Tree, Lights

I took Leo to the Pez Museum in Burlingame, CA when he was two.  It’s one of Burlingame’s only museums (if not THE only one).  A fondness for Pez has followed ever since.


We put up the tree today — Leo and Sophie did all the work while I put up a few lights outside.



Last night, Leo enjoyed showing Finn how to read “The Sweet Smell of Christmas”.  It wasn’t long before Finn got the hang of it.



And finally, here is post-op Pickles, enjoying a ride on styrofoam sled.


Roosevelt Elementary School 1976 Yearbook

Thanks go to Erica Burton for digitizing this blast from the past.  Everyone we talk to has  really warm memories of Roosevelt Elementary School in Burlingame, CA.  It was named after Teddy, not FDR — a civics lesson we learned in Kindergarten.  For more about the school, there’s a group on Facebook you can join.

Anyone who knows me knows that I still love birds — thank you Mrs. Jones!


Click here for the complete Roosevelt 1976 yearbook pdf