New kitten!

Yes, we got a new kitten.  Here are some photos.  Thanks to to the nice people at the Northeast Animal Shelter of Salem, MA.


Leo carries the kitten home
Hanging out with "Pickles"
The proverbial ball of yarn
The proverbial ball of yarn
Pickles, the avid reader!
Pickles, the avid reader!

9 thoughts on “New kitten!”

  1. I didn’t see it, but Pickles scared Nicky and the dog ran away. As for Sam, he hissed and is acting a little angry, but not nearly as mad as when we brought home Abby (back when we lived in Seattle).

  2. I think Sam probably just rolls his eyes at this point “Oh yeah, ANOTHER new family member…”!
    Kristen, you should submit the picture of pickles in the bookshelf to a competition – it is an amazing photo!

  3. Nicky is the one who is rolling her eyes — photos of that later. The B&W happened because I had my camera on the fluorescent setting (and the color got all messed up). Only B&W looked good. One of those lucky mistakes.

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