Robeez for Big Kids

There was a time when I was sad that Leo didn’t fit in Robeez any more.  They only go up to 18-24 months. What was I to do when Leo grew into sizes 7-13, and now Youth 1?

Soft Star Shoes -- what I call Robeez for big kids

But here is a company that looks like they make a nice and similar product, Soft Star Shoes — for toddlers, youth, and adults even.  I saw their ad at our Waldorf school.  They seem to market to schools requiring good, indoor, media-image free slippers.  We got something serviceable from Acorn for $14, but these do look nice.

Addendum:  the shoes are great — the feet outgrow them before they wear out. And getting to design your own slippers — what could be better?

2 thoughts on “Robeez for Big Kids”

  1. Apparently Robeez make shoes with soles now, too.
    I did not know this, but they are an Alberta company!
    I’ll try to find out more and let you know…
    – Jenny

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