Robeez for Big Kids

There was a time when I was sad that Leo didn’t fit in Robeez any more.  They only go up to 18-24 months. What was I to do when Leo grew into sizes 7-13, and now Youth 1?

Soft Star Shoes -- what I call Robeez for big kids

But here is a company that looks like they make a nice and similar product, Soft Star Shoes — for toddlers, youth, and adults even.  I saw their ad at our Waldorf school.  They seem to market to schools requiring good, indoor, media-image free slippers.  We got something serviceable from Acorn for $14, but these do look nice.

Addendum:  the shoes are great — the feet outgrow them before they wear out. And getting to design your own slippers — what could be better?

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Ben at the end of a great museum day
Leo, Sabine & Violette, laughing about something at the bakery
Ben showing Leo the scat collection
Ben shows off his favorite - the scat collection
Hmmm, bear poop?  I can't remember.  Thanks for exposing us to this, Ben!
Mmm, bear poop. Ben -- thanks for introducing this to Leo!

Museum Guard Quote of the Day:

“Do you have a lot of money?”

(this was the guard’s way of asking me to pick up my camera from the floor of the kids’s area where we were sprawled out playing with blocks and puzzles)

Polar Bears at the PEM

“Are you visting the museum?” asked the guard.  Why else would two adults and two children be inside the museum?  Would it be that hard to just say, “Welcome to the Peabody Essex — we’re so glad you are here”?

And then the woman who doles out the buttons asked if Sophie and I live at the same address.  If she bothered to look at the membership info, she would have figured that out .  Why can’t they be a little friendlier there???  Or at least assume the best of people instead of the worst.  Whoever is in charge of reception must scare the living daylights out of all of these people.

Despite all that, we had fun at the polar bear sculpture studio.

Sculpting polar bears
Sculpting polar bears

Sophie has fun too
Sophie has fun too

The week in review

Facebook has taken over. This blog is being neglected. Poor blog. Here are some photos from the last week:

Barack Obama in Manchester, NH — 16 faces of determination

More of my photos from our day in NH can be seen here:

CNN’s story:

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CNN) — Sen. Barack Obama’s spokesman on Saturday accused Sen. John McCain of “cynically running the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern presidential campaign history.”

Youtube video of today’ speech