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August 7, 2008

More Photos from Canada — includes Grizzly on Hwy 40, Kananaskis Trail

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

We saw the grizzly bear on Sunday, August 3 on Highway 40, the Kananaskis Trail – about 6pm.  It was somewhere north of the Boundary Ranch.

Grizzly bear and tourist, Hwy 40, Kananaskis Trail, Alberta

Grizzly bear and tourist, Hwy 40, Kananaskis Trail, Alberta

If you’re that guy on the highway taking pictures of the grizzly, I’d love to trade some photos with you!

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  1. Just saw a big grizzly at about the same place July 7, 2016, EXCEPT, we stayed in the truck with my foot on the gas and got the same damn picture. I know exactly how close you were. I was there. You were close enough to have been dead within about 15 seconds if for some reason that Grizzly decided it didn’t like you. I hope in 8 years you have gained some sense about staying the #$@* away from a Grizzly Bear. We also got to see one running across the highway at about 25 mph in Flathead County MT. Let me assure you in the time it would take you to stand up and run across the road to your vehicle likely panicking and falling, you would be dead or more accurately beginning the painful process of being destroyed by a Grizzly Bear. Did I tell you about the guy in the emergency room without a face? No, I mean no face from his eye sockets to his bottom jaw and almost back to his brain. Just like a big bite…and all the soft parts of your head gone… The entire attack less than 10 seconds before the other guy shot the bear.

    Comment by redfour5 — July 9, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

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