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June 15, 2008

Got Sleep?

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You can take him to a parade, but there’s nothing you can do to keep him awake.

Boston Pride Parade

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From the top left, L to R:
Leo in his Barack outfit (he picked out the hard hat for the parade all by himself)
Cute t-shirts, cute boys (what are these deck and betch t-shirts? anyone know the source?)
Cute Mark F.
Matthew & Michael (also very cute)
Katherine and Diane Patrick
Marching toward King’s Chapel
Sophie & Leo heading home on the Blue Line
Cute bear
Crowd in front of Robert Gould Shaw sculpture

June 12, 2008

Beachside Graduation Party

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Leo’s school year ended with a gathering at Devereux Beach. Here are some of the kids from the class.  They are : Leo, Harry, Reid, Anna & Lia, Aidan, Eoghan, Cole, Sophia, and Annika.

June 11, 2008

Staying Cool in Swampscott

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Leo and Anthony running through the sprinklers.  Then we decided to go to the beach.  And I dropped my camera and smashed my lens, leaving me with pencil and paper.

Leo and Anthony hauling water at Nahant Beach

June 10, 2008

Leo’s Special Person

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isn’t a person at all!

Leo’s last day of preschool

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I guess the simultaneous usage at home of tinkertoys, legos, building blocks and Lincoln Logs paid off — Leo built the tallest castle in his class.

Vera’s Garden in early June

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Vita had her white garden.  Vera has her blue and white garden.  She is especially happy with how it looks right now.

June 8, 2008

My Little Gardener

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Leo proudly dug the holes, separated the roots, and planted his snapdragons.

June 2, 2008

Spaniel Love

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We mostly credit Sophie with passing on her love of spaniels to Leo. But here’s evidence that I loved them too!

I’m probably about 7 here. These are Grandpa Leo’s dogs, Junie and Peaches, I think — they are the ones I remember best.

a future Phyllis Wheatley on Commonwealth Ave.

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I love how, amidst the chaos of her siblings, this girl seems to connect with America’s first published writer of African descent.

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