Sunday Afternoon with Violette & Hubert

From the top:

Edible flowers for picked for dinner (Leo downed a nasturtium in one gulp)

Kenny & Hubert (Sabine’s name of the day) picking lettuce

Violette on the rocking horse

Sophie’s castle cake with Playmobil knights

2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon with Violette & Hubert”

  1. wow – that picture of the flowers is so beautifully colorful, I could almost lick the screen!
    And the cake looks delish too… yummmm (hmm… maybe I should eat lunch??)

  2. Ellen, we would love to have you over for castle cake sometime… let us know when you are back in MA and we’ll make one special to order! I’m pretty sure Leo’s favorite part was licking the frosting off his plastic knights…
    And I agree, the flowers are GORGEOUS.

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