Edward Gorey would have loved this

Topics covered in “The Book of Accidents, designed for Young Children”, courtesy of the Beinecke Library  :

  • Playing with Horses
  • Playing with Candles
  • Scalded at the Table
  • Tossed by a Bull
  • Riding a Wild Horse
  • Playing with Knives
  • Playing with Fire-Arms
  • Playing with Fire
  • Throwing Stones
  • Falling out of a Coach
  • A Boy Drowning
  • Climbing on Chairs
  • Boys Fighting
  • Falling out of a Window
  • Troubling the Cook
  • Tumbling Downs Stairs
  • Climbing Trees
  • Crossing Streets
  • Worrying Dogs

One thought on “Edward Gorey would have loved this”

  1. Wow, they go straight to the point on the horses chapter “Being kicked by them is almost certain death!” … but I’m most scared of “Falling out of a coach”. Great find, Kristen!

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