The Science of Nagging

Just three minutes long — how marketers get your kids to nag you to buy their products.

A related video is below  — five minutes long — about how marketing isn’t what it used to be and how it’s creating a generation of super-consumers.  Very scary.

One thought on “The Science of Nagging”

  1. Sick sick sick. I’ve actually seen the first clip (I thought I saw it in the movie “The Corporation”). Anyway, the woman who’s criticizing the marketing to children makes a comment at the end that parents can’t win the war against these marketers, but she’s wrong. All us parents have to do is not have television, not visit shopping malls, and engage in the natural world — which BTW makes our lives less stressful and more rewarding. Aaron and Leo are proof that it can be done. And our world, their world, and the world in general is better for it.

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