Tell the MPAA:Stop the Marketing of Violent PG-13 Movies to Preschoolers

from Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood:

Burger King Iron Man toy giveaways for preschoolers.  Indiana Jones Lunchables.  Incredible Hulk toys for children as young as three.  The Dark Knight Cheerios. This summer’s violent PG-13 blockbusters are being marketed to young children.  The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) could stop this onslaught but they won’t.

The Federal Trade Commission has urged the MPAA to develop an “explicit policy, incorporating objective criteria” to “ensure that PG-13 movies are not marketed in a manner inconsistent with their rating,” but the MPAA has refused.

Please take a moment to visit to tell the MPAA to stop the marketing of violent PG-13 films to young children.