Please support us in this Sunday’s AIDS Walk

Sophie, Leo (above, in orange) and I will be doing the AIDS Walk Boston this Sunday. It will be Leo’s fifth walk and we always look forward to it.

If you can help support us, please visit Sophie’s fundraising page here:

A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated!


Kristen, Sophie & Leo

Intrepid Canoeists

Vera and I fought the cattails and went canoeing last night in the Hassocky Meadow at Ipswich River Audubon.  Despite our poor navigation skills (I take full blame), we had a great time.  The cattails are still recovering.

Birds seen & heard:  swamp sparrow, marsh wren, baltimore oriole, night hawk, barred owl, cuckoo, great crested flycatcher, and a gazillion red wing blackbirds.

The First Steamy Day of 2008

My favorite part was how good everything smelled, but Leo enjoyed running around through the steam coming off of the new parking lot at the Swampscott Town Hall.

It had just rained and the cold raindrops hitting the hot pavement formed a type of fog on the ground. Technically, it’s called a “precipitation fog”. Leo thought it was dragon breath.