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April 28, 2008

Kristen’s upcoming photo show in Marblehead

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If you want to see these photos the old fashioned way (printed, hanging on a wall), come to the UU Church of Marblehead, 28 Mugford St, during the month of May. Or even better, stop by on Sunday, May 4 at noon for the opening reception.

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Portland, Maine adventure

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Yes, Leo went to the bakery in his pajamas. Seems like we (Leo & six other kids his age) aren’t the typical clientèle of Hilton Garden Inns, but they treated us well just the same.

Leo and I drove up to Portland, Maine on Wednesday. I left the camera battery at home, so here is a “found photo” trip diary.

We started at Fort Williams Park, just south of Portland. There were old buildings to climb and kites to fly.

Then we went to Portland proper and enjoyed the waterfront area. Highlights were the Standard Baking Company, Flatbreads, and the Narrow Gauge Train.

April 22, 2008

“If I Wrote the Dictionary” Sunday, April 21, 2008 by Merl Reagle

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This week, Merl took real words and gave them new definitions. Here they are (spoilers ahead):

affliction common to rodeo clowns: BRONCHITIS (“bronco+itis”)

school that teaches how to write commercials: ADVERSITY (“ad + university”)

able to bypass a key-based security device (said of burglars, escape artiststs, etc.) : CIRCUMLOCUTORY (“circum+lock+utory”)

tending to bump into the bed when hurrying in the dark : RAMBUNCTIOUS (my favorite of these!) (“ram+bunk+uous”)

slang — a dollar bill: BUCKAROO (I’m missing something — isn’t this already slang for a dollar?)

any large convalescent home: RESTITUTION (“rest institution”)

chairs, sofas, etc. that are hard to sit on : DISCOMFITURE (liked this one too) ( “discomfort furniture”)

afraid of being injected : HYPOALLERGENIC (as in “hypodermic allergy”)

to reverse the maturing process of wine or beer : DEFERMENT (as in “un-ferment”)

containing excessive compost: TUMULTUOUS (“too mulch-uous”)

New word of the day — SHAKO for a drum major’s hat.

I hope all my answers are correct. Please let me know if not.

Try the puzzle yourself at

April 17, 2008

See’s Lollipops in Somerville

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Sees lollipops in action

Leo and Sylvie Hover enjoy butterscotch while Henry has a vanilla lollipop.  These are made in my home town of Burlingame, CA,  right next to the Guittard chocolate factory.  If you’re curious, you can get a small box here — you won’t regret it.

April 16, 2008

I love this

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A sweet little animated film – “My First Crush”

April 15, 2008

Leo and his Cairn Castle

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April 14, 2008

“Rewriting History” Merl Reagle’s Sunday Crossword, 4/13/08

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Merl’s Sunday puzzles are always funny and clever (and not too terribly hard). You can download the puzzle each week here, at I do them religiously and though they are often published with answers, it still might be fun to post the answers and make a few comments.

Here are the theme answers (one letter is changed in these historical references )

23A: “Historic cry with a kernel of truth to it?” REMEMBER THE MAIZE

31A & 40A: “Historic rules for subduing UFO occupants?” THE ALIEN AND SEDATION ACTS

49A: “Historic site with a sign that says, “The immigrants have left the building?ELVIS ISLAND

67A “Historic plan that was very cost effective?” THE LEND LEAST PROGRAM

84A “Historic shopping center that was the first to be called “a gold mine for investors?” SUTTERS MALL

91A “Historic sack left on a beach in Cuba?” BAG OF PIGS

99A/111A “Historic home remedies?” THE THIRTEEN ORIGINAL COLONICS

I’ll leave it at that.

April 12, 2008

Congratulations Sophie!

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Marshmallow & Blackie show off Sophie\'s trophy and ribbons

Sophie won a trophy today for being “Rider of the Day” and the “Bravest Comeback”. Oh yeah, she also got two blue ribbons! We are very proud of her (even if I’m not brave enough to watch her jump). All of this was at Hunter’s Haven, a great, relaxed barn for kids and adults who want to ride (& jump) horses north of Boston.

April 11, 2008

A few more from California

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Copenhagen Bakery, Burlingame

Looking in the window of Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame

Leo and Audrey burying Max the cat in the backyard under the oak tree.

Skyping with Grandma, Finn and Nicky the Springer Spaniel

Skype-ing with Grandma, Finn and Nicky the Springer Spaniel

Katy, Audrey & Ted

A nice one of Katy, Audrey & Ted (taken by Steph)

Sophie and Leo cleaning the gravestone

Turns out that the deer really like roses (they were gone a few days later)

Electra bikes in acton

Sophie & Leo ride Electra bikes around the store at Summit Bicycle on California Drive.  Sophie really liked the one she’s on – Pajama Party

On Audrey\'s awesome tree swing

Leo riding on Audrey’s cliff-side rope swing

Sheer Delight

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Look at Leo’s face!  And look at how precariousblocks 10 and 11 are!

Catenary Arch at the Exploratorium SF

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