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January 28, 2008

Home photobooth

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Sabine and Violette go crazy for the photobooth.

And here’s the improved version, suggested by Ellen S.



Birthday Celebration

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Thanks to Vera & Nigel and Steph & Finn for coming over to celebrate Sophie’s 29th (again!).


January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sophie!!

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Here is Leo baking your cake — three years ago.  His love of frosting was there from the beginning!


January 23, 2008

Do It Yourself Photobooth

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Who knew? You can turn your computer and camera into a photobooth with a little program called DLSR Remote.

There’s something nice about not being behind the camera and just living with whatever the results are, hat hair or no. Here’s a fun series with Leo and Nicky. A cool history of the photobooth and collections of photobooth shots can be found in this book — “Photobooth” by Babbette Hines.


Addendum:  In the end, I found the software too cumbersome to use, but I still made a photobooth, albeit one where the photos were printed later at home.

I used PVC pipe to make a 2.5×2.5×5 foot stall, two shower curtains, a shower curtain liner (for a white backdrop), one of those grip-anything camera mounts (to hang on to the pipe), and my Canon A95.

The camera was set for the 2-second self-timer and the flash exposure adjusted a bit because the subjects were so close.

People were instructed to take 4 self-timed photos, but much of the time, I sat on the outside of the curtain and pressed the button for them.  I used this at birthday parties and at a gallery opening and everyone had lots of fun.

Printing the photos: I took the camera card home and did it with the aid of a program called Thumbnailer.  A sample is below.

The Marblehead Igloo

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A very cool igloo was built here over the last week.  Here are Leo and Finn on two separate visits (you can see the roof is almost finished in the top photos).  The boys loved it.  Apparently it was some sort of class project and some sort of spray was used to help in the process.  Marblehead igloo

January 15, 2008

Sledding with Finnie

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Listen to Finn’s chortle!

The World’s Slowest Snowplow

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If you want more speed, look here.  Leo takes his snowplowing very slowly.

Leo in the path of the heart shaped plow

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Katy the Snowplow (and Leo) getting revenge

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Big Snow

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Katy the Snowplow in action

The “Katy the Snowplow” costume got a little more use today.

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