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December 14, 2007

A Leo in the News

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How can you resist a name like Norbert Leo Butz?

Our friend Ellen does a video review of his new play, “Is He Dead?”, here. The cool thing about these reviews is that you get to watch video footage of these Broadway plays which most of us mere mortals will never see.

I read about this play in the paper — it was discovered by a Stanford professor in a pile of Mark Twain’s manuscripts (at Berkeley, no less) and was good enough to make it to Broadway. I must confess that I didn’t know that Mark Twain even wrote plays, but apparently, they were much more profitable for him than his novels.


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  1. Hey! thanks for the shout out! I am thoroughly convinced that there is going to be an amazing blooper reel at the end of this gig – and it will all include at least 4 takes of each of us trying to say Norbert Leo Butz without laughing. There will probably also be the clip of me imitating him dancing (((shaking head with embarassment)))

    Comment by Ellen S. — December 16, 2007 @ 3:29 pm

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