Leo – Star of the Day


Leo’s preschool is doing something where each child is the “Star of the Day”. Today was Leo’s day and he got to tell the class about some photos he’d brought in. In turn, the class all drew pictures and told stories about Leo. Here’s what they said:

  • Leo and me play outside. Leo is kind. -Sophia
  • This is an excavator. Leo is rescuing someone. He’s a helper and very kind. -Aidan
  • I like to play with Leo. We like trains. -Thomas
  • Leo is very kind and happy and he likes to play with me and Sofia. -Lara
  • Leo likes blue. He’s funny. Pink is his bestest color. -Lauren
  • Me and Leo be good friends and he talks at me and he plays with me and we go all around and I like Leo. – Sofia
  • Me and Leo are playing with a toy boat. Leo is great at playing. -Cole
  • We play outside me and Leo. He’s good to clean up nice and he is happy. -Anna
  • I like Leo because he plays with me. -Eoghan
  • Leo is a nice friend. I like playing outside with trains with him. – Alex
  • I like to draw with Leo. Leo loves pink. -Lia
  • Leo is a really nice kid. I like playing with Leo ouside, like kicking the ball. – Reid
  • I like playing in the sandbox with Leo. -Olivia
  • Leo is the best in the whole wide world. -Annika


2 thoughts on “Leo – Star of the Day”

  1. I am so slow on the draw with this posting – but I thought I’d check in and it was the first that I read – and it just warmed my heart! Obviously the rest of the world understands how fabulous Leo is!

  2. We loved listening to Leo tell stories about himself and his family. The children’s comments, by the way, were unedited!

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