Life with Leo

October 24, 2007

Who did you love?

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Leo loves Baby, so much so that he’s falling apart. I loved my Snoopy, so much so that he got a skinny little chicken neck and his head fell off. Who did you love?



  1. I loved my blankie until all it was was a strip of satin edging. My son loved his Simba lion until he put his head out the window on 101 so Simba could “get some fresh air” and Simba was sucked out the window, into the car behind us, then knocked to the side of the road. He remained there for three weeks until a friend stopped her car on the freeway, got Simba, and returned the dirty, oily, eyeless lion to us. He continued to be loved (after a good washing and bleaching) for another two years until I “lost” Simba before Kellan’s first day of kindergarten.

    Comment by Elizabeth — October 24, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

  2. I love lucy! My stuffed leopard that I’ve essentially had since I was 5. (there was a previous lucy that I got at age 3, and this one was called Sandy and didn’t get much play action. but when the original lucy was lost in our move when I was 7, Sandy was upgraded). Notice how I didn’t use the past-tense in my first sentence… a threadbare, patched, and very very loved lucy is sitting tucked under my covers as I type this… she’s been around the world with me, and I can’t imagine her ever living on a shelf some day. But it does cause me a little anxiety when I have her packed in between my laptop and marketing presentations as I’m (fully suited) heading into security at the airport. I figure I’ll blame it on my imaginary child should I ever get pulled aside for a search –

    Comment by Ellen S. — October 31, 2007 @ 10:08 am

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