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September 12, 2007

Happiness is a big stick

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It’s almost legal for Nicky to be on the beach again. We cheated by a few days. Leo still likes to pretend to dig like Nicky — some things never change.

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September 9, 2007

Leo turns 4!

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The day started with a Tinkertoy elevator and only got better.

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A Fun Race Through NYC

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To celebrate Katie Nammacher’s birthday, Steph & I teamed up to do a race a lot like those seen on “Amazing Race”. Here is Steph before the race, showing some anxiety, posing with the birthday girl, and the temporary 9/11 memorial. We started down near Battery Park and over the course of 7 hours, visited Wagner Park, Rockefeller Park, Civic Center, Union Square, Dag Hammerskjold Plaza, Columbus Circle, the Central Park Resevoir, the Lake, and finally, Pier 1 at West 70th.

To see Steph in action, click here.

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More of Katie’s Spectacular Race

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A few things we had to do: pose with Ulysses, pose with an orange-shirted person, pose with someone named “Kate”; Steph signing in at the in front of the NYC Courthouse.

We had to take 20 photos of 20 people giving us the thumbs up. Who says New Yorkers aren’t friendly? It took us only 2 minutes.

At lunch, Steph & I were in 5th place. We ended the race tied for fifth (out of nine teams). You can see some of the tasks we completed — frisbee toss and rowing in the Lake in Central Park.

The hardest leg was our search for “Tom” at the Central Park Resevoir. The video can be seen here.

-Steph in the subway after the Resevoir
-on the Lake
-cleaned up (but sore) survivors of the race
-in a taxi with Carla on our way to the finish line

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